Who Are You?



You have an idea, an ambition, your first instinct is to get the product made by the cheapest or best supplier, then slap on a logo which you scribbled on a peice of paper the night before. Both of which are now good but are they great? Are they good enough to go to market as they are and go against the competition? Brand, Product and Packaging design ensures that your product has the best launch and flight possible as consumers seek products that present uniformity with their brand, and when venturing into a market you want to be at the top….


Your hard work has paid off and you have a growing or steady revenue, however your still having to turn up to work at 9 and leaving the next morning; which doesn’t make sense. Making more money and eating a bigger slice of the market share would probably help cut those hours down… Perhaps a brand refreshment and product redesign would help re-establish you in the market, perhaps a new website and marketing campaign would also increase those Facebook likes or the number of Twitter followers which hopefully means you can cut those hours down…


You don’t need to be told to redesign your products or your brand, you don’t need to re design your website either. But does that mean that you are still the leading edge of the market? Established brands can become complacent and competitors can pounce on opportunities which have been overlooked. While you are reading this they could be redesigning their packaging or product which could potentially eat into your lead. Or perhaps they are adding more products to their brands, reviving old ones into new markets etc, either way an established brand is as vulnerable as a new one and as y grow bigger the need for refreshment and revitalisation becomes greater…

Where Now?

Where does any journey start these days… usually with a click!