Ferrari Toccare

branding / package / product

Compared to an actual Ferrari vehicle, branded ferrari products seem to be afterthoughts and disregarded for the quality and perfection Ferrari is known for. The amount of detail and attention provided to the slightest curves on the cars are unfathomable and it is the very reason why Ferrari is the premier car brand so why not transfer this to their spin off products?


The Toccare 4g is a mouse designed with the luxury and exclusivity in mind. Its not about showing off the body to onlookers as with the cars, its more about the transfer of experience from the cars into the workspace, why leave the experience in the car when it can continue even whilst moving a cursor on the screen.


The Toccare meaning touch in Italian, would be made from carbon fibre and leather, with a sleek body designed to fit the hand and allow air to breathe into the palm…

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