Nixon Stone Concept

The Nixon brand is an American surf and sun type of brand that has a huge range of watches, ranging from lightweight sports watches to modern style digital pieces to exquisitely crafted pieces. The brand creates watches based upon a theme or a design style, usually beginning with a name or a word that epitomizes the style, In this case I chose to call the watch “the Stone”. The idea was to blend two themes or objects and then create a unique style. Alongside the stone theme I randomly decided to choose a gun, a revolver more precisely, I chose the revolving magazine as great design queue that I would convey to the wearer, however I wanted to not directly associate the design with the gun therefore gave hints here and there of the object.

The final design shows each piece with a coloured stone in the “six shooter” styled watch face.”The Stone” comes in a brushed aluminium presentation box with queues to the timepiece itself, with butterfly screw locks that are twisted to release the lid on the box like gun or ammo box might have…